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    Thanks for joining the Uwyn forums.

    There have been several requests of Uwyn community members across a variety of project to have an online forum available for sharing knowledge. While we have a Discord server, it's often not that convenient to retrieve previous information.

    These are the rules, please take them at heart:

    Always be kind Proudly be who you are Be creative, whimsical, weird, inventive, magical, ... human Aim to make the world a better place for everyone Have fun!
  • A place to talk about whatever you want and to introduce yourself

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    @LouBagheera welcome!

  • General discussion about 3D printing and design

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    My 3D printed MechaGodzilla is doing a little dance with all the good energy from the weekend. He's the best office buddy!


  • Pure java build tool for developers who don't like dealing with build tools

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    If you're using bld with Spring Boot you might like the following:

    bld Spring Boot Extension Spring Boot Example Project for bld
  • Highly modular 3D printable dungeon tile systems

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    Dynamod Games is at East Coast RepRap Festival on the HueForge booth! Very excited that this worked out and that people can see HueForge is also useful for functional designs, in this case the multicolored Dynamod floors!


  • Multi-dimensional MIDI expression through hand gestures

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    Thank you!

  • Tactile and UV reactive knob rings

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    6 USD Knobotron - Tactile UV Reactive Knob Rings Knobotron - Tactile UV Reactive Knob Rings

    Colored knob upgrade rings with a tactile pointer indicating the current position and allowing comfortable single finger tweaking. The knobs are fluorescent and UV reactive, generating an intense glow under black light. Knobotron comes in packs assembled for specific synths. Half the knobs are in...

  • Perfectly and effortlessly record and play MIDI

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    This short demo of MIDI Tape Recorder plays back four Animoog Z instances running inside AUM. Everything was played on the Animoog Z built-in keyboards and recorded in a sample-accurate way in MIDI Tape Recorder.

    MIDI Tape Recorder plugin demo
  • Control synths from your Watch

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    This video demonstrates the Transport control feature of MidiWrist with Logic Pro X. The knobs are used to tweaks the track volumes, and a button is set up to duplicate the current track with its settings, making it easy to overdub new parts without having to let go of your instrument.

    MidiWrist Transport control demo
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression

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    In Per-Split Settings > MIDI Mode, holding ONE CHANNEL now resets all MIDI settings as they are after a Reset command. Similar to holding ChPerNote to quickly change all settings for MPE synths, this is useful for quickly changing all MIDI settings for use with common preset sounds of One Channel synth that are optimized for MIDI piano keyboards:
    Main channel: 1
    Bend Range: +/- 2
    Timbre/Y: CC74
    Loudness/Z: Poly Pressure If MIDI Mode is set to ChPerNote and you change either the Bend Range setting or hold ChPerNote to force MPE settings, LinnStrument sends a MIDI RPN 0 “Pitch Bend range” message, which sets the external synth to the same bend range.

    Bug fixes

    When using the Arpeggiator to arpeggiate through a held chord and you lifted one finger of the chord, the arpeggio order would reset to the starting note. Fixed. When split was on with CC Faders on in one split and Low Row on in the other, sometimes the Low Row lights would turn on on the other split. Fixed. When receiving a Bend Range configuration message through MIDI, LinnStrument would echo it back to the MIDI out, which was unnecessary. Fixed. When LinnStrument would receive a MIDI Stop command to stop its Step Sequencer, it would unnecessarily echo it back out to the MIDI out. Fixed.

    Get it here:

    Support - LinnStrument - Update Software
  • Modular Eurorack Cases

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    Maybe you actually also needed a stereo mixer and two buffered mults in that standalone case, just slide in another RackBlox and you're done!


  • Full-stack, no-declaration, framework to quickly and effortlessly create web applications with modern Java

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    When converting an existing website, you will most likely want to redirect old URLs to the new ones. RIFE2 makes it pretty simple. For example, to redirect:




    You can easily convert the path info into parameters, by doing something like:

    public class ExampleSite extends Site { //... private void redirectMoved(Context c, String url) { c.setStatus(301); c.addHeader("Location", url); } private void setRedirects() { //.. get("/news", PathInfoHandling.MAP( m -> m.p("year"), m -> m.p("year").s().p("month"), m -> m.p("year").s().p("month").s().p("day")), c -> redirectMoved(c, c.urlFor(searchUrl).params(c.parameters()).toString())); } @Override public void setup() { //.. setRedirects(); } }
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    This is a brain-dump tutorial of how to use the command-line on macOS, specifically for using my tools SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI.

    IMPORTANT: Apple changed the default shell from bash to zsh. This video refers to the file .profile that needs to be edited. Instead of .profile, use .zprofile which is what zsh uses.

    Command-line tutorial for musicians using SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI (description has important note)
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    Added support for sysex message display with up to 20 bytes of data preview Improved layout of MIDI notes so that the note on message continues to be visible together with note off Updated to JUCE 7.0.9 Release 0.9.0 · gbevin/ShowMIDI Release 0.9.0 · gbevin/ShowMIDI

    Added support for sysex message display with up to 20 bytes of data preview Improved layout of MIDI notes so that the note on message continues to be visible together with note off Updated to JUCE ...

  • Open-source 3D printed synth overlays for vision impaired people

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    Tactile Patch Sheets are a 3D printed design vocabulary to help vision impaired people more easily dial in synthesizer patches on hardware synths.

    Tactile Patch Sheets - 3D Printed Synth Overlays Tactile Patch Sheets - 3D Printed Synth Overlays

    Design vocabulary to allow synth patches to be dialed in by touch.

    I started this work two years ago and was finally able to get everything written up, and all the files created, tested and uploaded.

    Everything about this work is open-source and BSD licensed.